Sopra e Sotto organizes outdoor activities for her guests, professional guided by Arjan. Safety and pleasure are priorities. We offer the activities at various levels, anyone in good physical condition can participate. It is also possible to tailor the activities to your needs.

Arjan has extensive experience in outdoor sports. When still very young, he trekked through the Alps and worked for the Dutch Climbing and Mountain Sports Association for many years. This has given him a lot of experience in the high Alps. He was also often to be found in various mountain climbing areas in Europe.

His passion then became endurance sports, both as an active participant and as a trainer. Arjan completed the Outdoor Management study in 2009. He is now an international outdoor sports instructor in climbing, and hike-survival. Sopra e Sotto Outdoor is approved member of Sport Institute Europe.

In high season Sopra e Sotto has 2 students from Dutch (outdoor) universities to assist Arjan with the outdoor activities.

Many outdoor activities are classed as sports with an increased risk factor. such as mountain biking, mountain climbing, and walking in the high mountains. As a professional outdoor sports company we do everything to limit the risks to a minimum. We do this by knowing the area where we operate well and maintaining contacts with organizations and emergency services. We use approved materials, we have logbooks and emergency scenarios, which are judged by the Sport Institute Europe. It appears, however, that people themselves are the biggest risk factor. To be well prepared, we therefore ask everyone who accompanies us several questions about health and skills.

Participation in one or more outdoor activities is at your own risk and not always covered in an insurance policy. It would be wise to check your policy to see if they are included. Or possibly take out an insurance, which especially mentions risky sports.