Hiking in Le Marche is a great experience, within the immediate vicinity of Montelparo or in the Monti Sibillini!

We have described and marked out different routes (1-4 hours) for you. Some of them are in combination with a nice swimming spot or a visit to a beautiful hilltop village. Good walking maps are for sale at Sopra e Sotto. You can also download several GPS tracks at home. Look for www.wikiloc.com.

Walking equipment

For the walks in the direct surroundings of Sopra e Sotto you are advised to wear a pair of stout walking shoes.

For the (guided) hikes in the Monti Sibillini you need mountain boots of type A/B or B. You will climb to heights of 1000 to 2500 metres and the terrain can be rough. The weather can change very quickly in the mountains. Good rain clothing and a warm pullover are standard additions in your rucksack. A pair of gloves and a head covering are not luxuries in the spring and autumn. We also recommend telescopic sticks, available at Sopra e Sotto. A mobile phone and a First Aid kit are the basis for everyone going into the mountains.


The vicinity of Sopra e Sotto is a maze of small, peaceful lanes, which take you through beautiful hills and high mountains.
We have (GPS)routes for both mountainbikes and racingbikes. Look for downloads on www.wikiloc.com to get a good impression of all the cycling possibilities in southern Le Marche.

Rent a bike

Sopra e Sotto Outdoor has 2 well equipped mountainbikes for rent. We work together with Max Bike, if more mountainbikes or racingbikes are needed.

Cycle equipment

If you bring your own bike, remember that a bike with at least 12 gears is needed in this area. Wear a helmet and in lowseason a windcheater for downhill is important.


Geoaching is a rapidly growing global hobby, using a GPS or smartphone, to follow coordinates to a hidden treasure cache.

There are various types of caches. A classic cache will take you directly to a particular location. In a multi-cache you search first for clues to find the final coordinates to your final cache location. It’s a fun activity for young and old and you also learn a lot about the area where the cache is hidden! For those guests who don’t know geocaching, we organize a special clinic. Afterwards everybody can start searching for the caches, with using one of the simple GPS’s offered by Sopra e Sotto or your own GPS/ smartphone.

Caches of Sopra e Sotto

Sopra e Sotto Outdoor has made a number of classic- and multicaches, compiled and released into the surrounding area. The caches are located in different places; sometimes in the countryside or mountains, but also in towns and cities. They differ in length and difficulty. There are also other caches placed by a limited number of enthusiasts, They can all be found and downloaded via www.geocaching.com.