The ‘casale’ is about 150 years old and has always been owned by the Tomassini family who ran a farm here. The house is built of stones from the adjoining Serrone River. Every time there was an addition to the family, another section was added on to the house. This explains the shape of the house with all its staircases. Originally the whole ground floor consisted of stalls for livestock and the family lived upstairs. After 2007, the house is radically rebuilt, retaining as much of the original features as possible.


Five attractive apartments have been made in the house; four to rent to guests and one for ourselves. There is a large kitchen and a library in one of the original animal stalls.

You can use it for information, to order something, to borrow a book or to consult a walking map. You can have a snack or enjoy a drink or a meal on the terrace in front of the kitchen. There is a small shop with products from our estate, local wines and in the season fresh bread and ice cream.


There is a large garden around the house with various benches in the sun or shade. The views over the valley and towards the town of Montedinove are breathtaking! A refreshing outdoor shower and 2 (hot) tubs are placed in the garden, to use by guests from the apartments.