Le Marche has many cultural sites, old churches and beautiful town piazzas in the more than hundred towns and villages. Most of them are located on top of the hill, once built to protect against intruders from overseas and well restored. Each one of them worth while visiting. The historical cities Macerata, a lively student city with a magnificent amphitheater, and Ascoli Piceno, world famous for its beautiful squares, are very nice day trips. Loreto is a famous pilgrimage city with its huge basilica and Black Madonna.

Italians do almost all of their shopping on the market. Therefore, most villages have a weekly morning market. Here, you can also buy the delicious regional products. Some cities have monthly jumble sale markets where you can find a mix of antiques and ‘modernariato’ (not-so-antiques).

From early spring to late autumn there are numerous festivals and events. Most festivals are historical village festivals focused on competitions and gastronomy. Italians love their festa’s, eating and drinking at large tables in the town piazza’s. Very nice to join!